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Model Unit XE335C
Operating weight kg 33800
Standard bucket capacity 1.4¡«1.6
Engine Engine Model / ISUZU AA-6HK1XQP
Direct injection /
Four strokes /
Water cooling /
Turbo charged /
Air to air intercooler /
No. of cylinders / 6
Rated power/speed kw/rpm 184/2000
Max. torque/speed N.m 872.8/2000
Displacement L 7.79
The main performance Travel speed km/h 5.5/3.3
Swing speed r/min 9.7
Max. gradeability / ≥35
Ground pressure kPa 66
Max.Bucket digging force kN 225
Max.arm crowd force kN 183
Max.traction force kN 261
Hydraulic system Main pump / 2¸öÖùÈû±Ã
Rate flow of main pump L/min 2×280
Max pressure of prime relief valve MPa 31.5/34.3
Max pressure of travel system MPa 34.3
Max pressure of swing system MPa 27.5
Max pressure of pilot system MPa 3.9
Oil capacity Fuel tank capacity L 630
Hydraulic tank capacity L 320
Engine lubrication L 28
Overall dimensions A Overall length mm 11246
B Overall width mm 3190
C Overall height mm 3330
D Overall width of upperstructure mm 2960
E Track length mm 4725
F Overall width of undercarriage mm 3190
G Crawer width ©L 600
H Track length on ground mm 3183
I Crawer gauge mm 2590
J Clearance under counter weight mm 1170
K Ground clearance mm 495
L Min.tail swing radius mm 3450
Working range A Max. digging height mm 10404
B Max. dumping height mm 7256
C Max. digging depth mm 7158
D 8inch horizonal digging depth mm 6935
E Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 6526
F Max. digging reach mm 10887
G Min. swing radius mm 4424
Angle of arm deflection  Degree 2.9m bucket rod
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