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Item  Parameter  Unit 
Rated load 5 t
Bucket capacity 3
Dumping height 3090 mm
Dumping distance 1130 mm
Max.drawing force 170 kN
Max. traction 165 kN
Dimension 8185×3000×3465 mm
Operating weight 17200 kg
Boom lifting time  ≤6.0 ≤6.0
Total time of three devices 11 s
Wheelbase 3300 s
Min. turning radius (bucket outer) 6910 mm
Rated power 162 kW
Travel speed I Gear (Forward/Backward) 0-11.5/16.5   km/h
II Gear (Forward) 0-38 km/h
Long boom parameter 
Item  Standard bucket Coal bucket
Bucket capacity 2.7m³ 3.5
Rated load 4.5t 4.0t
Dumping height 3710mm 3550mm
Dumping distance 1180mm 1300mm
Dimension 8870×3000×3350 8870×3000×3465
Attachment parameter
Attachment parameter—snow plow
Pushing snow width 3800  mm
Horizontal rotary angle ±38  °
Vibrating angle ±6  °
Obstacle crossing height 0~150 mm 
Rated power 162 KW 
Attachment parameter£­clamp
Dumping height 3241 ¡¡
Dumping distance 1902 ¡¡
Min. circle diameter and max. opening ¡¡ ¡¡
Basic model ¡é800×1990 ¡¡
IV model ¡é430×2000 ¡¡
Attachment parameter£­Sliding fork
Fork folding angle 20  °
Attachment length 2053  mm
Attachment width 2516  mm
Attachment height 1200  mm
Fork teeth length 1200 mm 
Attachment parameter£­Side dumping
Bucket width 3000 mm
Dimension 8310×3040×3465 mm
Dumping height(straight/side) dumping 2960/4125 mm
Dumping distance(straight/side) dumping 1272/105 mm
Lifting height(straight/side) dumping 5407/6830 mm
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